Our environmental approach for ecology

The campsite is committed to preserving biodiversity and will become an LPO refuge in 2019.

A family apiary is present. There are windows in the back of our hives. You can visit it, with Magali or Michel, by reservation. What an experience to see the lives of bees without disturbing them!

Preserving and welcoming biodiversity is a priority. For this, the weeding of the paths of the campsite is done manually or at the burner. There are no pesticides or chemical pesticides at the campsite. We also rely on biodiversity to limit plant pests.

Organic garden squares, berry shrubs are at your disposal. You will be welcome to garden with us. Your children will love picking strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini …

We made the choice of local and short circuit for our purchases of food in the restaurant, for the construction of the game “the nest of squirrels”, the choice of artisans …

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All our cleaning products are eco-labeled.

Guests can rent an electric car on site. No need to repack all, enjoy the pleasure of driving zero emissions.

At the campsite, we work on waste management to have the least possible impact on nature. Customers can use composters for their green waste. On site you will find a sorting area.We use a crusher to valorize plant size residues.